Cosa Salvaje 

100% Pure Blue Agave tequila for people who want to experience a difference with an Ultra-Premium sipping tequila.  An outstanding, smooth Tequila that is Sexy, Mysterious, Intriguing, Uninhibited  and  Edgy


We Take Your Pleasure Seriously!

The Vision

Elle France’s vision for Cosa Salvaje was to draw on her love for tequila and create a unique brand that brings people together. France spent extensive time researching the history of tequila and the nuances associated with its development. Out of respect for Mexican traditions, France spent countless hours with the premier tequila distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, developing a smooth brand of sipping tequila with exciting, sexy packaging. Her goal in creating Cosa Salvaje or “Wild Thing” was for people to experience a sense of nostalgia when they see the bottle and take their first sips. 




The packaging was equally as important to France as the taste of Cosa Salvaje. She views the bottle as a piece of artwork rather than merely a container. Including seductive photographs and a tailored leather-laden neck, France’s vision was to attract both men and women so that when either gender sees it – and drinks it – they experience a sense of excitement. 


France’s desire is for people to enjoy the passion that went into its creation and appreciate the hard work in producing an ultra-premium sipping tequila that need not be mixed with anything to enjoy. 


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